Resin Bound, Resin Bonded Surfacing, Marine Anti-Skid - Eurogrip STS High Friction Coating for Ramps and RO-RO Link Spans
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Eurogrip STS



A high friction coating for RO-RO link spans, ramps and similar to achieve improved slip and skid resistance.

Safe negotiation of steep ramps by vehicles is critically important to the rapid and efficient embarkation/loading of car ferries and to achieving adequate traction on bridges and on steep inclines.

Anti-skid or high friction coatings are often used to improve the skid resistance of new build as well as providing a quick and easy remedy for existing slippery surfaces.

Surfaces are inevitably degraded by use particularly as a result of heavy vehicle and 'tractor'movements and the high shear forces applied by slow moving vehicles when negotiating ramps.

Eurogrip STS is a high build coating that combines tough, flexible polyurethane resins with highly abrasion resistant aggregate.

It has been specially formulated to accept a surface dressing of up to 5mm stone and to cure very quickly keeping disruption to the minimum and enabling a road or ramp to be returned to full use in about 3 hours depending on temperature.

It also cures at low temperatures, adhering tenaciously to steel. 




  • Improved safety, better braking, better traction
  • Long service life compared with other similar
  • Minimal disruption to commercial operations - (rapid cure)
  • Cold applied using mixer and squeegee
  • Low hazard materials
  • Reduced wear on vehicles
  • Resistant to oils and solvents
  • Combines high friction with waterproofing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates (steel, bitumen, timber, etc)
  • Low initial and whole life cost
  • Does not embrittle with age



RO‐RO Ferry Linkspans, Ramps.

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