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Cycleway & Footpath Products

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Eurogrip 1500

A high friction 'coat & scatter' system. Fast curing, roller applied 2 component polyurethane.

Eurogrip Decorative

A decorative, resin adhesive and natural stone 'coat & scatter' system suitable for pedestrians. Fast curing, squeegee applied, 3 component polyurethane. Supports stone granules up to 6mm size.

Resin Bound Paving

Stone granules bound with clear, light stable resin (TP RESIN SF) to produce a highly decorative surfacing. Uses round or crushed gravel and fast curing polyurethane applied 10 to 20mm thick by trowel.


A clear, light stable seal coat - single component solvent based polyurethane.

Optiseal AR

A clear, light stable seal coat - single component solvent based polyurethane. For use when light stability is less important.

Resitech CS Primer

A moisture tolerant epoxy primer for use with epoxy and polyurethane systems, 2 component.

Europrime CT

A single pack moisture curing polyurethane primer for polyurethane systems - used on concrete substrates, solvent based.


Optus Surface Maintenance Systems manufactures industrial floor coatings, anti-skid coatings for highways, bridges and marine applications and decorative surfacing for paved areas.

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