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Anti-slip coatings are used to improve the frictional  characteristics of a surface whether it be a road, a factory floor, pontoon, ships deck, steps or any area where there is a risk of slipping or skidding.

These coatings involve the application of a layer of ‘high friction’ aggregate to the surface being treated. This aggregate is firmly bonded to the surface by a resin adhesive and with different combinations of resin and aggregate most performance requirements can be met.

This type of system is known as "coat and scatter" and is a feature of most of the high friction systems manufactured by Optus. The resin slurry effectively bonds the aggregate to the surface with a final thickness and frictional characteristics dependent on the size and type.

A clear or coloured seal coat can be applied to the surface to maintain its visual appearance and to make it easier to clean.




An anti-slip system suitable for use on roads, bridges, multistorey car parks, airports, boat decks and in many other areas where a heavy duty solution is called for.

Eurogrip can be applied to concrete, asphalt, steel or timber. It is a fast curing, 3 component anti-slip system that is suitable for aggregate sizes ranging from 0.5 to 3mm. Eurogrip is applied with a notched squeegee following which high friction grit/aggregate is broadcast onto the surface. Optus will advise on aggregate size, type and supplier. 


  • Fast cure (2 to 2½ hours at 20oC) resulting in only minimal disruption on site.
  • Cures down to 5oC.
  • Solvent free.
  • Flexible.
  • Can be used on concrete, asphalt, timber and metal.

Anti-Skid/Slip Coating Range

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High friction coatings are also available in our Marine Products range.

Optus Surface Maintenance Systems manufactures industrial floor coatings, anti-skid coatings for highways, bridges and marine applications and decorative surfacing for paved areas.

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